Ayahuasca Retreats and Spirit Healing Center

Our Ayahuasca Retreats are developed for those people who want to connect in an authentic & traditional way with the Ayahuasca medicine & make a configuration of all their systems & a connection to the spiritual dimensions during the healing process of our Ayahuasca Evolution Retreats. Our Retreats are for those people who are willing to do this amazing process with the Ayahuasca medicine, because Ayahuasca is a process. Our Ayahuasca Evolution Retreats are specially designed for & focused in personal healing & spiritual evolution.  Read More …


The Ayahuasca ceremonies are guided by Ayar, professional traditional Ayahuasca Healer of the peruvian Amazon with many years of experience in the healing & spiritual evolution with the Ayahuasca Medicine. The ceremonies with Ayar are ancestral medicine ceremonies for healing, configuration of all our systems & spiritual evolution, where Ayar opens the codes & the dimensional doors towards spiritual worlds parallel to our one. In the ceremonies Ayar sings the magic ancestral music, the so-called ” Ikaros “, which reconfigure all our systems & activate our spiritual harmony.
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Our recommended process with Ayahuasca for beginners to understand a little about the Ayahuasca medicine consists of 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies. In the first ceremony the Shaman Ayar looks in what state are the body, the mind, the mental conflicts and the energy of each person & he starts to configure the systems. In the second ceremony you can start to feel how the plant & the Shaman work in your systems and you start to learn to be in harmony with the internal and external mind. In the third ceremony you start to learn how to concentrate that you are able to enter in the spiritual worlds. Through this process with 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies you can reach a remarkable progress in your personal healing & your spiritual evolution. For more information please contact us.

” Ayahuasca is the spiritual medicine of humanity and therefore the medicine of the future.”   Ayar

” Ayahuasca is the vehicle of transformation that helps you in a way beyond the life & beyond the death, transporting you to spiritual worlds parallel to our one. ”   Ayar



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