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Ayahuasca Shaman Ayar is original of the Amazonia of Peru & he is traditional medical (Shaman) of the ancestral medicine Ayahuasca. Ayar comes from a lineage of Ayahuasca masters, a family of Ayahuasca Healers. For more than 10 years he studied with different masters to learn the Ayahuasca healing science and the ancestral healing songs, the Ikaros. Since more than 15 years Ayar helps people from all the world with his knowledge & the Ayahuasca medicine to heal them of various problems or to guide them in their spiritual evolution. With his visionary art, which painting technique he learned next to his great uncle Pablo Amaringo, Ayar captures the spiritual world of Ayahuasca on a flat surface, the ” Ayahuasca Visions “. Ayar is an inheritor of the ancient knowledge about the Ayahuasca medicine & a protecter of the Ayahuasca tradition.  Read More …

The Ayahuasca technique has culturally survived in the tribes of the Amazon and for this reason the true Ayahuasca masters come until today from the Amazon. Ayahuasca is a technique, a science & the study of Ayahuasca is based on many years & many times this study comes from the lineage of Shamans. This technique has many codes and a lot of discipline and even if you are master you go on learning because the Ayahuasca science is very wide.
Part of the use of Ayahuasca in the Amazon itself is becoming a business, a mystic market that captures the attention of tourists and people to experiment with sacred plants for reasons of spiritual fashion. For these reason you can also find pseudo shamans there today.
Than there are now many people that have taken Ayahuasca 10, 20 or 50 times and after this they nominate themselves to masters or Shamans. This persons are a danger for the human health.
Here we will give you some examples for people that only use the Ayahuasca for buisness without having understanding about this technique :
– If the person that gives Ayahuasca is not original from the Amazon you should be very careful and if the person is original from the Amazon you should verify that he/she is really an Ayahuasca master.
– If there are more than 15 participants in an Ayahuasca ceremony you should not participate. Why ? To make a real work with the Ayahuasca medicine is much responsibility and work and 1 or 2 Ayahuasca masters can not care for and heal more than 15 people during a ceremony.
– If there are people playing guitar or singing Mantras or other music, that are not Ikaros, during the ceremony you should not participate. Why ? The Ayahuasca technique has many codes and this codes only work with the Ikaros, the ancestral magic Ayahuasca music. People that sing every kind of music during the ceremony are not authentic Ayahuasca masters.
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